FreesatFromSky channel list

To get these few FTV channels you need the card and a Sky Digibox:

  • SKY3
  • Five Life (Fiver)
  • Five US
  • Setanta Sports News

Click on the card to order one ->

yellow house card sky

What do I need? ---->

A suitable size dish with "universal" LNB aligned on 28 degrees East of South. A Sky Digibox. A FTV card.

How much does FreesatFromSky cost? Currently £150 installed or £20 just for the card alone.

Free To Air with a Sky Digibox and
no card

What programmes can I watch with a FTA digital receiver or Sky Digibox (no card)? These:

  • ITV (all)
  • CH4 (see note*)
  • E4
  • E4+1
  • More 4
  • CH5 (see note*)
  • Game In TV
  • Pop
  • The Vault
  • Pop Plus
  • Simply Home
  • L!ve TV
  • Nation 217
  • Simply Ideas
  • Simply Shopping
  • Rapture TV
  • Open Access
  • Chart Show TV
  • Classic FM TV
  • Thomas Cook TV
  • Motors TV
  • The Dating Channel
  • Revelation TV
  • Classics TV
  • Information TV
  • Friendly TV
  • Fashion TV
  • EDTV Channel Europe
  • PCNE Chinese Channel
  • MTA International
  • Bright Entertainment Network
  • Abu Dhabi TV Europe
  • Islam Channel
  • Extreme Sports
  • God Channel
  • Life TV
  • Hollywood TV

And more!

  • Film Four
  • Sky News
  • ITV News
  • CNN International Europe
  • BBC1 (all regions)
  • BBC2 (all regions)
  • BBC News 24
  • BBC 3
  • BBC 4
  • CBBC
  • BBC Parliament
  • Going Places
  • Extreme Sports
  • EuroNews
  • QVC UK
  • UCB TV
  • ATN
  • Overload
  • Pro Shop Golf TV
  • Record Internacional Europe
  • SAB TV
  • Performance
  • Channel U
  • Factory Outlet
  • Golf Channel UK
  • Exchange and Mart TV
  • TV Warehouse Select
  • Create & Craft
  • Shop America
  • Community Channel
  • Game Network UK
  • Travel Channel UK
  • Ideal Vitality
  • Broadband World TV
  • Screen Shop
  • TV Travel Shop

*ITV programmes went Free To Air on November 1st, 2005.

*CH5 programmes went Free To Air in November, 2008 but you may have to enter the CH5 parameters (10773 MHz H 22000 5/6) into "Add Channels" on a Sky Digibox unless you have a card.

*CH4 programmes went Free To Air on May 6th, 2008 but you may have to enter the CH4 parameters (10714 MHz) into "Add Channels" on a Sky Digibox unless you have a card.

Outside the UK, many of these programmes may be unavailable unless you have a large enough dish.

FreesatFromSky is Sky's special offer to install a minidish, Digibox and viewing card for just £150 as of October 22nd 2004. A phone connection is NOT required (although Sky state that they will connect the Digibox to the phone line if possible UNLESS you ask them not to). Having a phone connection will allow you to use Sky's interactive services and book PPV movies.

You can also order a FreesatFromSky FTV card alone for just £20 in order to receive SKY3, FIVE, Five Life, and Five US (plus the free programmes listed above). Phone 08706 061111. You have to phone Sky to activate the card in your Digibox.

The number on the back of a FreesatFromSky FTV card is 0870 8500033.

If you already have a Sky subscription, you can cancel it (after 12 months) and your viewing card will become an FreesatFromSky card.

The following terrestrial Freeview programmes are currently not available on Sky Freesat:

  • Sky sports news
  • TMF
  • The Hits
  • ABC1
  • UKTV history
  • UKTV Brightideas

For a full list of FTA channels visit

Sky Freesat channel list

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